Monday, September 15, 2008

Command Line SSH Client for XP

SSH comes standard for any Linux Distribution, but it has been challenging to find a command line SSH client that is not Putty and is not from the cygwin distribution for Windows (XP). That is to say, I just want to fire up a command window prompt and use ssh with the same options as on linux. Well, I found free ssh client which is part of cwRsync. Just unzip it and put it into a directory and for good measure make sure that that path is in your environment path like so:

Right-click on my computer, go to Advanced ->Environment Variables -> System variables -> Path

Now you can do ssh from the command line on XP as easily as Linux.

More Info/Download: also has a great list of free and pay ssh clients.


ThePlayer said...
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daev said...

No. This version of SSH.EXE is from Cygwin. You will notice the Cygwin DLLs in the same directory as SSH and SSH-KEYGEN, after you have installed cwRsync 4.0.2.

ThePlayer said...

Thanks daev!